Thursday, December 22, 2011

ELF Makeup Clutch palette review

I got this free with purchase last time I did a bit of ELF shopping, and I have finally gotten around to write about it now. I have to admit that I was curious about this palette the first time I saw it on the US site. But I would probably never have bought it myself unless there was 50% off as I normally don't really care too much about ELF eyeshadow palettes.

Price: 10$ here or 15£ here.

Packaging: I actually quite like this little clutch-like palette, it looks really cute and actually seems quite sturdy. It's probably the nicest palette packaging from ELF I have come across. It's made of matte black plastic and has a decent sized mirror in the lid.

 You get 32 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzing powder, 1 highlighting cream, 6 lip glosses, 1 brow powder and one brow wax. You also get 3 dual ended sponge tip applicators. 

As I have written before, I think ELF has changed the formula of their eyeshadows a bit, they seem less powdery than the ones I tried in their 32 palette. These shadows do feel a little more powdery than the shadows in their "on the go" palettes.

I actually really love the blushes, I think they are really nicely pigmented, but slightly on the powdery side. The higlighting cream is also nice, it's not as greasy as the highlighting cream from some of their old encyclopedia books.

I can't use the bronzing powder as it's way too dark for me and it's too orange for me. It's not glittery but it does have a shine to it. 

I think the quality of the eyeshadows has improved, ELF has gotten better at making pearly/shiny shadows without the glitter and mattes that are not too chalky. However this is a little hit or miss for me. The neutral shades seem a little on the sheer side, and I mostly use neutral shades. The Blues and greens are stunning! however... I never wear blue.

As for staying power, these are not going to last you the whole day. Not even with a good primer. But i have found them to last way better if I apply them over ELF studio cream eyeshadow.

 I get so inspired when I look at this pretty palette, I think the colours are gorgeous... But I don't think it's worth 15£. ELF is a very affordable brand but I do tend to think that their palettes are a little  pricey compared to what you actually get. Don't get me wrong, this is not a bad palette and I will be using it, I would just not purchase pay full price for it.

I think it's a great little palette if you want to play around with green, blue and purple looks. But if you are more into natural shades this may not be the palette for you. I would love to hear your opinions of this palette.



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