Sunday, December 11, 2011

ELF Studio beauty on the go palette otw

Time for a new palette of the week post. I have 6 of the small palettes from the beauty on the go colletction by ELF, I will be reviewing them soon. This one is called "Pretty picnic". I think ELF must have changed the formula in their eyeshadows, I found the old ELF shadws to be quite powdery but these palettes all contain smooth almost creamy eyeshadows with beautyful metallic shimmer. So that's a big improvement in the quality in my opinion.

On the go: The shadows apply like a dream and they are very easy to blend. You get a nice range of neutrals and bronze shades but I feel like there could have been a better dark matte shade in the palette to really work for me.

Evening out: Some of these shades are super shiny, almost glossy so they would make for some pretty party eye looks, however I would prefer to use something of a little higher quality that would last me all night instead of this palette.

Variation: I found myself going for the same look every day. I did try and change it up a bit but some of the colours were just too similar to really notice a difference in the eye looks I did. I used different cream shadow bases to change it up a bit.
Staying power: To be completely honest, the staying power was awful! I tried without primer and it lasted me about 3-4 hours then the shadow was completely gone and only some residue was left in my crease. I tried with Too faced shadow inscurance, it lasted me a few hours longer but still creased up and dissapeared way too fast. Then I tried using ELF studio cream eye shadow and that actually did the trick. The shadows did fade quite a bit during the day but the creasing stopped and at the end of the work day my shadow was still visible and not smudged out.

Work appropriate: Both yeas and no. The shades are very office friendly, but if you want your makeup to last all day at the office then this is not the way to go. I actually never touch up on my makeup when I'm at work, but I really felt the need to do so with this palette. 

Overall this palette still has a lot of room for improvement, I do like the texture and finish of these shadows quite a lot, I love the colours but I dread the lack of staying power. As for the glosses I think they are quite nice but nothing out of the ordinary, I did not use the bronzer as I do not wear bronzer on a regular basis, especially not in the winter where my skin is so pale, I tend to just use a face powder that is a few shades darker than my skin tone instead.



  1. loveee this review.. i love how you included all the details.. just what i was looking for xx

  2. Thank you so much Dyna :) That means a lot to me :)


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