Monday, December 19, 2011

My new Z-palette pro!

Yay I got my Z-palette pro in the mail this morning. I've been depotting and rearranging eyeshadow pans all day.

I decided to make my own neutral palette using Urban Decay, Too Faced, Wet n Wild, Pixi, The balm and HOT makeup shadows. (I threw in a few purple toned shades as well as a green just to play it up a bit)

This is my first Z-palette ever so unfortunately I can't compare this to the other Z-palettes. However I do know that this is deeper so there is now room for small makeup bushes in the palette. I have been told that the pro palette is a little larger than the Large Z-palette but it's not really that much.

I bought mine for around 19,99£ at Genie Cosmetics .

Excuse the poor picture quality, I wanted to share this with you right away and the lighting is pretty badin my living room at night.

I definately want more of these palettes. I would love to depot all my single blushes and such and put them into one palette. I could also use 1-2 more palettes for eyeshadows. I'm depotting some old palettes and putting them into Z-palettes to save room. I have a lot of beautiful eyeshadows that I never use because they are hidden somewhere in a makeup bag or an old palette full of shades I no longer like. This type of palette certainly makes is easier for me not to forget about an eyeshadow.



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