Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Palette of the week

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, the christmas stress is really getting to me. Everything at the moment is about christmas shopping, birthdays, family events, office parties and trying to spend just a little time with my boyfriend as well. So here it is, a bit late.

I have been using my 28 nude palette last week. (from Ebay but the same as the one on coastal scents)
On the go: the shadows blend quite well and the colours are good for quick applications. However I did not find it that easy to use these for shading the crease and such. Maybe they actually blended a little too well. They also were a little powdery and not that pigmented. 

Evening out:I would not use this for evenings out. They don't really last that well and the colours are a little too boring and not very pigmented. So not great for bold evening looks.

Variation: I think some of these shades are a little too similar to eachother, however I do like that there is a good variation og mattes and shimmers. But I had a hard time creating more than 2 looks with this palette as the colours are just too similar to notice a difference once applied.
Staying power:Work appropriate: Notvery good. These last for about 4 hours without a primer and a few hours longer with a primer. So nothing really impressing about these eyeshadows.

I do feel like these are something I would grab if I needed something quick and very neutral if I was in a hurry. But I would never use these if I had a lot of time to do more complicated eye looks.


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