Monday, December 19, 2011

Palette of the week

This week I have been using my smokey brown quad from The Body Shop. I thought it was about time I got araound to trying it out and I thought the lovely golden highlighter cream would be just right for december.

On the go: These shadows apply effortlessly like a dream! They blend very well without fading into one blurry shade. I found it super easy and super quick to do a very beautyfull smokey look with these.

Evening out: It's perfect! just deepen the look with the matte dark brown and add a bit more of the golden cream highlighter and you are ready to rock.

Variation: Ofcourse there is not a whole lot of variation to be found in a quad. But I actually do think this managed to impress me when it comes to the different looks one can make. I managed to do a very neutral look with the lightest shade and a bit of the medium brown. I changed it up a bit my using the dark matte brown as a liner, I also used the golden shimmer in various ways. it actually worked well on top of the eyeshadows as well, as long as you only dab a tiny bit gently on to the lid.
Staying power: Without a good primer this is just average. But with Too Faced Shadow Inscurance this lasted me all day and evening without creasing and only with minimal fading. I'm quite imoressed by the cream highlight. It stayed on all day and did not fade one bit! I did not expect that of a cream product. So very impressed!

Work appropriate: Certainly. As with many of the palettes I have show here, it's all about how you use it. This can be very neutral and it can be super smokey as well, it's all about how and what you apply.

I'm actually planning on using this for christmas. I'm totally in love with this little quad.



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