Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Palette of the year

I have been using so many wonderfull palettes. It would actually be impossible for me to choose one as my all time favorite palette. So I have chosen the top 5 palettes of 2011.  Keep in mind that I do not own every single palette out there so if i don't mention it here it may not be because I don't like it, I may simply not own it.

So here they are, in no particular order:

Wet n Wild, Color Icon, Comfort Zone:
This palette got me started on Wet n Wild. I have posted several posts about this palette during 2011 and i know I will get good use out of it in 2012 as well. I love that you get such pretty shades for such a good value.

LA Colors, Eye design, Invent:
I normally don't wear colourfull eyeshadow but this purple palette got me hooked on wearing purple and pinks. I love how great the quality of this palette is and how affordable it is. I'm sure this will be a favorite in 2012 as well.

NYX, 10 color palette, Chanpagne and caviar:
I love my cool toned neutrals and I love love love this palette. The quality is amazing. The colours are super wearable and the price is fab.

Too Faced, Naked eye palette:
This is so amazing. This is by far the best quality of eyeshadows I own. I love how well they last on my eyes and how pretty the shades are. I'm hooked on these shadows.

Urban Decay, 15th anniversary palette:
These colours are so inspiring and so pretty. I do admit that I could use some matte shades but overall I really really love these eyeshadows.

This concludes my palette of the year post. What have been your favorite palettes this year?



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  1. thanks for this post. I agree that the Wet N Wild palette is a keeper! Such a great blog!


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