Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Skincare products of the year

Time for skincare products of the year. I will do my best to list 5 products for each category, but it depends on how many products I have tried this year from that particular category. The products will be listed in no particular order. I will link the products to previous reviews and posts if one has been written about that particular product.

Yves Rocher, Cure solutions
-  Lush, gorgeous
-  The Body Shop, Seaweed day cream

Cleanser/Makeup remover: 
Yves Rocher, Nutri speccific, cleansing milk
Biotherm, Biosource, softening cleansing milk
Yves Rocer, Inositol vegetal, cleansing gel 

-  Lush, buche de noel, scrub
-  Montagne Jeunesse, Self heating sauna mask
-  Montagne Jeunesse, White chocolate cleansing mask
-  The Body Shop, Self heating clay mask

And the winners are...

Lush, gorgeous: Choosing a winner was difficult as I actually really love all these moisturisers, but this one in particular suits my skin very very well all year round. And it just feels super luxe.

Yves Rocher, Nutri speccific, cleansing milk: Super great for sensitive skin, removes all my makeup so fast and never dries my skin out. I keep coming back to this one year after year.

Lush, buche de noel, scrub: I have never relly liked facial scrubs all that much, but this is truly amazing. It hydrates while it gently exfoliates. I love it!

I was actually quite hard to choose the winning products for this post. I have yet to find my holy grail of skincare products and my skin constantly changes so one thing may work for me one month and then it doesn't the next month. These products have sticked with me longer than the rest or have been used more frequently compared to my other products.


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