Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Body Shop VIP night

I have just gotten home from a lovely evening with my mom at my local Body Shop store in Glostrup, where we got to hear about some of their new lovely Chocomania products. They also gave us a unique opportunity of trying one of their new products before it hits the shelf in late feburary ( more on that later). I got a lovely hand massage and a mini makeover.

But first let's talk a bit about the Chocomania line.
 It's a limited edition collection made from a whole bunch of fair trade ingredients. Actually the fair trade ingredients make uo 45% percent of the product. It's super hydrating (up to 48 hours of hydration) and smells like a sweet chocolate treat. The collection includes a body butter, shower cream, body scrub, body lotion, lip butter, and soap bars.

I have not tried everything from the collection but the body scrub feels very exfoliation yet gentle on the skin and the body butter is thick, almost like a balm and super moisturizing, the scent really lingers on the skin for quite a while, so if you like chocolate scents I definately urge you to try these products out.

MMMMH Chocolate...
We also had a glass of bubbly and we got to sample some lovely fairtrade chocolates from a company called Divine. They use fair trade cocoa from Ghana, wich is the same company where The Body Shop get's their cocoa butter from. This is some seriously good chocolate. 

If you live in Denmark you can visit www.fairtradebutik.dk to try them out for yourself. Or try visiting www.Divinechocolate.com for more information.

 Hand massage station:
The hand massage station, where we got a lovely scrub/massage with the chocomania scrub and body butter. What a great idea of using the body scrubs for the hands as well. I have tried scrubs for hands before but never even thought about using my body scrub for it. Now I don't need to have 2 seperate scrubs.

Mini makeover station:
 The station where I got a mini makeover with the purple shimmer cubes, those Body Shop girls really know how to use the right shades to make my blue eyes pop.

 Their lovely Valentine's displays

We all got a generous goodie bag with different deluxe samples/travel sizes and a bar of "Divine" chocolate. My goodie bag contained: Peppermint foot lotion 60ml, Spa wisdom body puree 60ml, Rainforest conditioner 60ml, rainforest shampoo 60ml, Vitamin E day cream 15ml and lemon body butter 50ml. 

Sneak Preview:
We also had the opportunity to buy this Drops of youth serum before everyone else. It's supposed to hit the stores in late feburary but I got to purchase it almost a month early so I have plenty of time to try it out before they stock the shelves. So stay tuned for a review of my goodies and this lovely serum.

DISCLAIMER: I did not get payed to write this post, I bought the Serum with my own money, this was not a night for bloggers only, everyone who attended got a goodie bag and I am not obliged to write about the products or the event, I'm doing this out of my own interest. 

Thanks for reading this very loong post. I had a fantastic time tonight and now I will go get some sleep.... mmmmh I smell like chocolate.


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