Friday, January 13, 2012

Colourful no name palette

My mom gave me this in my advent calendar, I had been eyeing it at a local outlet store and really wanted to know if the colours would be as vibrant as they looked. So I was thrilled when I got it.  The palette was around 5,50$

This palette is called "Romantic Beauty" but I have no idea if that is the brand or just the name. But there was a link on the back to a website called The palette is made in China.

I swatched these without a primer or a base, and I'm actually quite impressed with most of the shades. The purples and the green are my favorites. They remind me a bit of LA Colors eyeshadow in texture.

They do crease a bit, but  I feel that these wear the best over a dryer type of creme shadow, like ELF studio cream eyeshadow.

These shadows sure are some of the most vibrant shadows I own, I can't wait to find an excuse to wear that green shadow.  Overall I love the shades in this palette, the quality is quite allright, it's no where near Urban Decay or Too faced, but you can still make some great looks with OK staying power with these.



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