Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ELF Flawless Finish Foundation review.

Disclaimer: This is a negative review, my opinion and experience with the product is my own personal experience. Just because it does not work for me does not make it a bad product for you, I just can't recommend something that turned out bad for me. 

I have seen quite a lot of nice reviews of this foundation but I also noticed some bad reviews about people breaking out from this. I do have sensitive skin but I have never had a lot of pimples, my skin has always been quite clear I just get itchy and red if I encounter something that my skin does not agree with. So I thought  I would give it a go.

That was until now. I have used this foundation for about a week now and I should have stopped after the first day, but I did not think this foundation could cause so much damage. I have broken out in pimples all over my face and one is actually so bad and swollen that I am getting worried that I might need to go to the doctor. (because it's on my jawbone and the bone is hurting really bad right now)

The foundation actually does look really good on the skin, the shade I got (porcelain) is the perfect shade for my skin, it does not stay on that well throughout the day but it's actually quite a nice foundation except for the breaking me out bit.

I'm so sad that I ever gave this foundation a chance, I know this does not break everyone out but I can't really recommend something that has worsened my skin. I'm just hoping I can get my skin back in shape soon.  I don't know if it was the mineral oil in the foundation or what, and I don't care to find out, this product will never get near my face again.

I will be throwing this foundation out right away. Bye bye foundation.



  1. hi, oh no! I'm sure it'll go back to normal soon. I used this foundation also in that shade three times and I didn't like it.
    It made my face look so oily :( and It was a while since I used it but it made my skin pimply too.
    I've since swapped it on Beauty Box Swaps on Facebook so someone else can give it a go.

    Maybe just gently cleanse your face and use just a tiny a bit of powder for a few days? That might help.


  2. I honestly think you should specify it's something wrong just on you.
    My skin is white (it's white,every foundation is dark for me,even the Porcelain.Only a white tone is perfect),unfortunately often with acne,and extremely sensitive.And even the so-said 'delicate formulas' often are poison for my skin.
    I don't have any problem with this foundation.I can say it doesn't create me ANY breakout,and believe me,every foundation act like that with my skin.
    Just go to the doctor for some acne?
    I think you should grow up and be less superficial.
    There are worse thing in the life than acne.
    If I listen to your mind,people with acne are horrible,do you notice how offensive and stupid are you?
    Even if I have acne,I'm an amazing beauty,and honestly,I wouldn't change anything of me,if I had the chance to choose: acne or be different.
    I am only sorry to not have a Facebook account,because like this you're going to make people not buy an amazing e.l.f. product,and e.l.f. people doesn't deserve this just because you want some attention.
    If you really want to go to the doctor and keep trying to be a drama queen,I really hope that what happened with some products to my skin will happen to you,and let's see what you will still think.

    1. Well, everyone's different.... E.g. Loevens has sensitive skin, and the oil must have just been a bit of an over-kill for it. Also, Anonymous, at least she has the courage to tell her honest oppinion without hiding like you do :)

    2. Oh wow, this is why I don't do negative reviews that often.

      I did however write that I have seen quite a lot of nice reviews of this product, meaning I know that a lot of people love this product, but I simply can*t recommend something that had a negative effect on me.

      I'm very sorry if I have offended you in any way, that was never my intention. People with acne are NOT horrible people, my longest relationship was to a man with acne and that did not make me love him any less or make him any less beautiful in my eyes.

      I'm sorry if you think I am superficial, that actually hurt the most. I have been bullied and teased all my childhood and as a teenager because I am very overweight and have freckles so no I'm not perfect but I don't consider myself to be superficial either. I believe that every person is as beutifull on the outside as they are on the inside, meaning if you are a bad person I will find you unattractive, if you are a good person I will always be able to see the beauty in that person.

      Again, I am very sorry if I have offended you. And I'm sorry that you feel that I am over reacting. But I got scared, The breakout has caused and infection in my jawbone that I am now taking anti biotics for, that*s why I was so scared!

      I know a lot of people would have just deleted this comment but your opinion is just as important as anybody elses, so thank you for your hurtful comment, I'm sorry if I hurt you.

      Also please check out this post I did about accepting my own flaws and embracing one self flaws and all:


    3. Thanks for your comment Christine, this is why I don*t like to do negative reviews

    4. I have changed a few word in the post so instead of ruined my skin it now says broke me out. I can see how "ruined my skin" seems a little too dramatic. I*m sorry it all came out wrong but I was scared because it hurt and I was afraid that the pain and infection would get worse.

  3. hi! :) so, what other brands do you prefer in terms of good quality foundation and affordable at the same time? :> i have been trying maybelline liquid foundation this past few weeks but I'm still searching for something better. Do you have any suggestions? thank you! :>

    1. I'm still looking for my holy grail product so I have tried quite a few foundations, some more affordable than others. I don't know how your skin is so I can't promise that these will work the same for you.

      Gosh Xceptional wear is a great foundation for me I made a review here:


      My favorite is the Body shop extra virgin minerals but it's quite expensive in my opinion, review here:


      I also like BB cream, I used a BB cream called Dr. Jart, for dry skin and it was really nice.

      If you are looking for a minreal foundation powder I think ELF makes some really good mineral foundation, I use it almost every day.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Don't worry about anonymous comments Loevens, it's YOUR blog and you have the right to express YOUR opinion! Since it did break you out and you're not lying about it, then you don't have to defend yourself! :) I have this foundation and I really like it, but if it had broken me out I would hate it too. x

    1. Thanks Stavroula :) I know I don't need to defend myself but I guess I let that comment get to me a little too much. :)

    2. Hi,
      Gosh how harsh?! we're all entitled to our opinions.
      Personally I thought it was a great review and I totally empathise with how it reacted on your skin.


    3. Thanks girl. I really let that stupid comment get to me, all better today though.

  5. Omg so I went from channel foundation, to makeup forever, to Kat von D and then to this elf flawless foundation. It was great the first week. I've always had nice skin with a pimple or two before period. Now my face is itchy and I've broken out in acne on my face. Pretty sad. I know it's the foundation since that is the only thing I've switched. I knew six dollars was too good to be true. For those that haven't had any problems, that is awesome. As for those with no luck and sensitive skin like me, hope our skin goes back to normal.

  6. I tried this foundation and the lightest one is too dark for me. I personally found this foundation to be absolute rubbish. I disagree with the anonymous reviewer. If you really don't like a product, you should say. You have to be honest. That reviewer seems to think you should say a product is good even when it's not, because it might put people off buying really 'good' ELF products. On my blog I give honest reviews, if I think a product sucks i'm going to say so. No point saying something is good when something isn't. I've given ELF quite a few bad reviews because I find most of their products to be of not good quality. Don't be afraid to give something a bad review. If ELF doesn't like it, let them complain x

    1. Wow Hannah, you found my old post :) Yeah I've grown a bit more comfortable with my blogging since then. I Don't take these types of comments personal anymore and I will always stay honest and tell my readers what I think. Different products Work different for different people. I do like some ELF products but I also dislike a lot of them. Thanks for having my back girl, even though your a couple of years late ;) just kidding.

  7. This product caused my skin to break out too. I really like the way it wore but unfortunately it cause my flawless skin to erupt with four major pimples that will take weeks to recover from. So sad :(


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