Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm furious right now!

Please read:  All of my ranting payed off, Cherry culture has sent me a gift certificate worth half of the entire shipping cost of my order, wich was really nice. I guess they got tired of hearing me rant. It was unfortunate that I had to get this mad before they reacted, but everything is settled now and I'm confident enough to make another order with them once my project pan is over.

I'd like to apologize in advance for this sour rant you are about to read. I normally never do this and it will probably  not happen again. Maybe it's because I'm tired, mad and sad. This has been a hectic week with sad loved ones and a funeral on my mind, I just think I'm filled up. 

I placed an order on 27/12-11.. I was so happy to finally order the NYX butt naked palette. I could not wait to get my order.

I got my order a few days ago, but the palette was missing, along with the free lip balm and my packing slip.

I thought it was a mistake so I contacted them immediatly, I had to wait almost 3 days for them to reply.

They apologized for the incident and told me that the product was damaged and they could not send it. They would give me a refund instead, wich seemed fine.

They refunded me about 16$, I guess I must have bought the palette with a discount code? But that's not the issue. They did not refund me the 7USD in shipping it cost me for the NYX palette. I don't think it's fair that I have to pay 7USD for a product I never recieved.

Gaah I can't even order the palette again for the refund they gave me!

I hate cherry culture right now and I hate being on project 14 pan, even if I got the money back I can't order the palette now that I am on a project 14 pan. I was soo looking forward to that palette.

I have never had a problem with them before so this really confuses me.

I really wish they would have let me know before they shipped my order so I could have canceleld it!
I have written them again to let them know that I think this is unfair, maybe they will get back to me in 3 days, I hope they will resolve this or I will just find another place to get my cosmetics.



  1. Oh how I know your pain!
    I on a prize from a clothing company in China that promised me any item I wanted under 100$ completely free (it was Christmas thing).
    So I chose and shipped the package to me by DHL Express shipping and next thing I know DHL customs is telling my I need to pay commercial taxes for a products bought international.
    No the company sent me receipts and disclaimers stating that the package was a gift with no commercial value but they insisted they needed to know the real original value of the items and once those were sent they decided to charge me 58€ for taxes plus another 51€ to ship from customs to my house.
    Of course I refused to pay and passed the problem onto the company because:
    1) I was promised a free gift, I'm not going to pay a fortune I don't even have for something that was offered and not ordered!
    2) A commercial tax for a gift? You have to fucking kidding me.

    Unfortunately I'm still wrestling with this problem and I really wanted my package but I refuse to pay. I also sent and email to my country's costumer protection services to enquire if what DHL customs was doing is legal but I've had no reply so far.

    So yeah, I know how you feel.

    1. Oh wow, that really really sucks. I do hope it will all work out for you. Luckily for me my complaint about cherry culture worked, they decided to refund me half of my shipping costs


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