Sunday, January 29, 2012

MUA Dusk till Dawn review/palette of the week

I'm slowly running out of palettes for my palette of the week posts, I do hope I have enough to get me through the rest of my project 14 pan. I bought this MUA Dusk till Dawn palette at christmas time along with some other MUA products. This will be a "palette of the week" post and review combined into one big post.
Price: 4£ on MUA's webshop.
Packaging: It's a black and clear plastic palette, there is nothing special about it. Can be a bit hard to open sometimes. you get 12 decently sized eyeshadows.
On the go: As I said about the MUA Immaculate palette, these shadows apply very well. They blend without much effort and they are just a dream to apply. I had no problem creating a nice eye look even on the busiest of mornings.
Evening out: This palette has a little bit of everything, a few sparkly shades, a bright teal and some nice dark smokey shades so it can certainly work as a party palette.
Top row
    Bottom row

Variation: I love the thought behind this palette, that one palette can work for both daytime and nighttime looks. Top row contains nice wearable everyday shades and the bottom row contains lovely colours, smokey shades and some sparkle. However I found myself doing pretty much the same look everyday, not that it bothered me. I could have done more different looks but I just loved that one looks so much I felt like doin the same look every day.

Staying power: If you read my review of the Immaculate palette you know I had a lot of problems with these shades fading fast. Due to the winter weather my skin has gotten drier and I have not had the same amount of fading as I did with the other palette. So I feel like I need to point out that these shadows do fade a lot less if your lids aren't too oily.  I found them to last me the longest with the ELF studio cream liner as a base but I got a good 7 hours of wear time with the Too faced shadow insurance.

Work appropriate: Definately, this can both be a bold and a neutral palette.

Pros: I love this palette. I'm personally more into cool toned shades and most of these eyeshadows are cool toned, so that was a big plus for me. I love the pigmentation and how well they blend. It really is amazing quality eyeshadow.

Cons: there is a bit of fallout with some of the shades. I do wish that MUA could improve the staying power of these shadows.

I'm very pleased with this palette and I certainly want to try more of the shadows, as with the immaculate palette I would like better staying power. If I ever ran out ouf this I would not hesitate to  repurchase. I'm certainly going to get a lot of use out of this.


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