Sunday, January 22, 2012

MUA Immaculate collection palette otw + review

I have been wanting to try the MUA eyeshadows for a very long time. Finally MUA started shipping international and offcourse that meant the I had to place an order as fast as I could. So I ordered a few things that I will be reviewing soon. I got this palette for free in a s"pend 8£ and get the immaculate palette for free" deal.  This will be a "palette of the week" post and review combined into one big post.

Price: I got it for free with my order, it normally costs 8£ on MUA's webshop.

Packaging: It's a black and clear plastic palette, there is nothing special about it. Can be a bit hard to open sometimes. I do however like the that all the shades have numbers on the back of the palette, that way you can easily refer to the shadows if you do tutorials and such. There is also a quick guide  to a green smokey look on the back of the palette.  you get 16,8 grams of product wich is about  0,7 grams per eyeshadow, (contains 24 shadows). 
On the go: These shadows apply really well, I find them very easy to work with and very easy to blend. I had no problem creating some great looks even on the busy mornings. It's probably not a palette I would throw in my purse because it doesn't feel that sturdy.

Evening out: There are definately some party colours in this palette, vibrant purples and greens and also some nice dark shades for smokey eyes as well.

Top row

      Middle row

    Bottom row

Variation: My initial thoughts were: "I'm not going to get a lot of looks out of this palette" but as I started playing with the different colours I quickly changed my mind. There is something for everyone in this palette and I managed to do a couple of purple looks, a few natural looks and some deep smokey looks. I think the colours could have been arranged petter in the palette, that would probably have inspired me more. you get voth matte, shimmery and satin shades.

Staying power: I actually had a lot of trouble with the staying power. These shadows crease on me very fast, I tried using Too Faced shadow insurance, ELF studio cream shadow, hard candy primer, my own homemade cream shadow, tried powdering my lids I tried it all but I only got about 5 hours of decent wear out of these before they either creased or faded too much. I then finally tried to use ELF cream liner as a base, and that worked wonders, it made the shadows last all day and most of the night.

Work appropriate: Definately, this can both be a bold and a neutral palette.

 quick look using shade nr. 18 & 24 on top of the elf cream liner in purple, not the best picture tho.

Pros: I love how they apply and I love that there is some nice unique colours in this palette, there is even a few duochromes. I'm just really pleased with the quality and the shades. I like that there is also a few matte shades.

Cons: there is a bit of fallout with some of the shades. I do wish that MUA could improve the staying power of these shadows. Some of the matte shades are not as good as the shimmery, they can be very sheer and hard to notice on the eyes.

I'm very pleased with this palette and I certainly want to try more of the shadows, I'm not sure if I would repurchase this even though I really like it. If MUA threw in a few extra hours of staying power then I certainly would. I'm glad I got to try it out and I will certainly continue to use it, especially now that I have found a great base to make the shadows last longer.



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