Saturday, January 7, 2012

My new years eve 2011/2012

This was such a fun night for me. My boyrfriend and I had another couple over for dinner and drinks.

 I was freaking out a bit, we spent several days cleaning and tidying up the place so I was soo tired when I finally got so sit down for a bit. 

The guys did all the cooking and serving while us girls had a play around with some nail polish and makeup.We were supposed to have a 3 course dinner, but we never got around to the dessert (more on that later.)

First we had a lovely salmon tartare on roasted rye bread and salad.

Then we had an amazing roast of american beef, with roasted carrots and asparagus. Scalloped potatoes ( sliced potatoes baked in cream, garlic and cheese) a salad and a rich creamy sauce.

We actually got started a little late, so by the time we had finished our second course it was time for one of our Danish new year traditions. Every year we watch an old short film called Dinner for one.
Once we have watched that it's time for the new years count down.

We had the Möet champaigne ready in our glass and we stood on the couch and jumped down when the clock hit 12:00. We then toasted and hugged and wished eachother a happy new year. And that special someone got a big kiss.

We then lit some cigars ( I know... ugh they taste awfull but it's something the men in my family always do for new years eve lol) I had to try as well, but it's not really my thing eek!

Somewhere along the way I became the bartender that night and boy did I go crazy making all kinds of girly drinks, but they must have been good 'cause they guys really seemed to enjoy them lol.

At around 3 or 4 am I was all partied out and ready for some beauty sleep. Luckily for me I had been a little too tired to drink so I actually felt quite good the day after. And we had forgotten all about the ice cream we had planned for dessert, so my boyfriend and I enjoyed some ice cream on the couch.

Btw, here is a little pic of the eye makeup I wore that night. It looked way more dark and dramatic in real life, a nice smokey purple dramatic eye. But the camera kinda washed it out a bit. 



  1. Your new years looks lovely for mine i spent it with my bf and his family for dinner then i had work. For christmas i stopped at mine in the morning with my parents and little sister my nan and older sister and nephew and her bf all come over around 11am for the first time this year we had a traditionlish roast so we got turkey, potatoes, and veg including sprouts all with cranberry sauce. Then my bf came iver with his son around 4 and we then went to his to see his family and watch them open all their presents it was a really fun day just busy with all the people involved now i have a significant other!!

  2. @Kerri phew that sure sounds busy, but also very very nice. It's good to have so many people that cares for you :) It sounds like you had a very nice christmas and new years eve :) thank you so much for sharing :)

  3. We were lucky enought to have an actual bartender where we were on new years eve, my boyfriend's sister's boyfriend is a bartender, so it's great, haha :D We sure do take advantage of that xD

  4. @Christine That sounds cool, I would take advantage of that too. I love girly drinks and such. :)


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