Saturday, January 14, 2012

NYX Frizz spots nailpolish review

I've had this polish for a few months now and I have been wearing it a lot lately, ever since I got my seche vite top coat this has been a favorite.

Price: I paid 1,99$ at cherry culture (the shipping was a bit high because of the wheight of the polishes)

Packaging: Your typical glass nail polish bottle, nothing special. But it seems quite sturdy and the cap screws on tightly so the polish does not dry out.

The black (ish) based polish is filled with fine silver/holo glitter and big holographic hexagons. I love how this sparkles!

The polish is not opaque, so I use a dark nail polish underneath it to make it look more even.

My picture does not do this polish justice, but it was the best I could do.

The problem with most glittery polishes is the finish, it never really look as glossy as polishes without glitter. But that can easily be fixed with the Seche vite top coat. I LOVE love love this polish with the Seche vite top coat, it makes it look shiny, glossy and glittery all at once and it also helps the glitter to pop a little more. 

I can't really say much about how long this polish will last on your nails as I always remove it after a few days, my nailpolish always start to chip after about 2-3 days.

I will definately try some more NYX polishes out in the future.


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