Saturday, January 21, 2012

NYX megashine lip gloss review

I got this from my latest cherry culture haul. It's not my first megashine lip gloss. I have one that I have only used once or twice because I don't care for the colour (or the lack of colour) I thought that maybe these glosses were just all sheer and boring, but then I saw some gorgeus swatches of this lip gloss and thought I would try my luck again.

The shade is called "natural"

Price: 3,99$ on

Packaging: Square plastic container, i'ts a little on the bigger side than most lip glosses. I love the little black bow decoration on the top og the tube. The applicator is quite nice as well. i'ts a slanted doe foot applicator, I find it  very helpfull when applying the gloss. You get 11 ml or 0.37 oz wich is quite a good amount of produc.

I love the scent... it smells like cherry cola and Dr. pepper. But if you don't like that then this is probably not for you.

I'm really impressed with the pigmentation of this gloss. Definately not sheer. The colour is a light reddish brown, a little too dark to be a nude shade on me but it really suits me well.

 This gloss is very smooth and definately not sticky at all. I do prefer thicker stickier glosses but I can do without that in exchange for such lovely scent and good pigmentation

The staying power is not very good, so you will have to reapply often, but that's not a problem for me, that means I get to smell that lovely cherry scent one more time.

I have to admit I do quite like this, I may even bebrave enough to try some more shades. However it will never be my favorite gloss, simply because I like stickier glosses.




  1. What color is this?

    1. It's called Natural, wow I was sure I mentioned that in the post. Lol. will Edit the post just in case somebody else wants to know. Thanks for letting me know.


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