Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project 14 pan!

Christmas is over but money is still tight so I have decided to do a project pan, hoping that I will be able to save up a bit while using up these products. i need a new camera so I can take some better pictures of makeup looks and nail looks. I also would like to save up a bit so I can shop like there is no tomorrow when Sephora opens in Denmark later this year.

I feel like I have so much makeup that never get's used, I hate throwing things out and it would be a great opportunity to try and write about something I already own instead of buying more all the time. I think this could bring out the creative side of me a bit.


I am not allowed to purchase any makeup product before the products mentioned below has been used up.

I will post pictures of the finished products as I go about using them up.

I will accept gifts and products for review as per usual.

I may or may not add more products to the project pan, but no products are to be removed.


Hard Candy: Hide and glow cheek tint (I will use up one side)

Benefit: concealer (new)

Too Faced: Shadow Insurance (1/5 left)

ELF: Complete coverage concealer ( I will use up the 2 lightest shades)

Boots: lip gloss

ELF: All over color stick (almost new)

Too Faced: Primed and poreless sample (new)

Jordana: easyshine lip colur (both)

Hard candy: Face primer (sample size)

Hard Candy eye primer (sample size)

ELF: duo eyeshadow cream (I will use the light side up)

ELF: Mineral lipstick in nicely nude (worn a few times)

H&M: Lip gloss

It's as simple as that... This will take some time but don't worry I do have a lot of things waiting to be reviewed and I am awaiting a  few things in the mail any day now. I also have a Smashbox mega palette reserved for me wich I will pay for the 25th of january but it has been planned for ages so that will be the only purchase made within the project pan timeline.

Fingers crossed



  1. I think I need to start something like this.I feel so guilty when I purchase new products and chuck the old ones into the back of my shelf. Maybe I'll try rotating my makeup every week. For instance, I'll use my Wet n Wild eyeshadows vanity then switch to Revlon for the next. As of right now I'm banning myself from any new purchases unless they are on clearance or some huge sale.

  2. @SeeTrinny. Makeup rotations are a great idea. I do my palette of the week posts to force myself to change my routine every week. I'm going to be doing a lip product of the week soon I think. :)Good luck if you plan on doing a project pan :)

  3. Hi Loevens,

    Greetings from Malaysia!

    I was reading through some comments on another blog & was curious about this Project 14 Pan was all about. Googled and found your site :)

    Now I geddit! Thanks for the simple explanation. This is some I REALLY REALLY need to do. I dislike feeling guilty purchasing new cosmetics when they are supposed to be happy purchases :(

    Wish me luck <3

    Sarah :)

    1. Hey there Sarah. I'm glad you like it. I have another project pan going right now. Best of luck to you with your project pan if you decide to try it out.


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