Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wet n Wild lipstick review

I've had this lipstick for quite a while now. I bought it before christmas because I wanted to try some lippies from Wet n wild, seeing how much I love their eyeshadows. I tried the lipstick a few times and forgot all about it, until now. This actually suits my newest haircolour really well. So I decided to do a mini "review" for you guys.

The shade is called "dark pink frost", it's more of a medium golden pink with some purple to it. Such a gorgeous shade.

I really really love this shade, I would wear it all the time if it was a little more moisturizing. This lipstick has a bad a habit of making my lips look dry and it doesn't feel very smooth on my lips. I think that's why I forgot all about it. But this time I am making an effort to keeping my lips nicely moisturized and adding a bit of balm before putting the lipstick on because I really really love this shade.

If anybody has some suggestions to a good dupe for this shade in a less drying formula, please let me know.


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