Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Z-palette! palette of the week

I have not forgotten about my "palette of the week" posts. But seeing as I have just gotten my Z-palette organized with all my favorite nude and neutral shades, I wanted to enjoy using it for a few weeks  before trying out another palette. This has become my all time favorite go to palette! So I could easily have used it for a few more weeks.

Even though I have a lot of different brands put together in my palette (Urban Decay, Too Faced, Wet n Wild, Pixi etc.) I will try and give you a little review of it.

On the go: Super easy on busy mornings. I tried organizing the shadows so I could easily pick some colours that would match.  But I would not put this palette into my bag. It just does not seem sturdy enough. But it's perfect for my little makeup basket in my bathroom.
Evening out: It's perfect. I have some pretty good quality shadows in this palette ranging from neutral to pearly pinks, golden pink, purple, dark green and 2 different blacks. Everything I need for both glamorous and long wearing looks.

Variation: Some of these shadows may look similar in colour, but I have a nice variety of matte and shimmery so there is a lot of different looks to go for. There's bronze, gold, beige, taupe, grey, brown, burgundy and so much more to play with. I have lost count of how many different looks i have created with this. I try to mix it up a little every day.
Staying power: Most of these shadows have great staying power. Urban Decay and Too Faced are the best and Pixi is probably the worst, without it being terrible. Different primers and cream shadows work for different brands.

Work appropriate:  Very office friendly. Not much more to say, they are neutrals...

I'm soo happy with this palette that I am thinking of getting a few more. They are a bit pricey but I would love to have one for blushes and one more for eyeshadow and such.



  1. Hi,
    I would love one of these Z palettes!
    I've given you a blog award.
    Check over at my blog to find out more.
    Happy New Year!

  2. They are really nice. But quite expensive if you ask me. Although I think they are worth it. Thank you so much for the award:)

  3. love the z pallette.. yours is all stuffed with pigments! awesome!

  4. They are amazing though, its just brilliant not to have to open and close several different shaddows when making a look. Keeps the vanity tidier too. For travel, you can't go past Uuni Palettes though!

  5. I really love how my palette turned out :)

  6. @Lizzi. I haven't tried the unii palettes yet but I will as soon as my project pan is over. I think they will be way better for traveling but they are smalller, so I prefer the Z-palette for storing makeup at home and the Unii for putting in my purse.


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