Sunday, February 19, 2012

Face of the day

 I decided I would do a little face of the day, I normally don't really post that many photos of myself because I think I look goofy on pictures. But I thought what the heck... I did a neutral eye inspired by Adele, it turned out really really well. I need to get a better camera, these pictures don't really do the makeup justice.

I am also wearing a cute pearl necklace I found on Ebay for just a couple of bucks.I was visiting my parents today, as I do every sunday. I really think my skin is starting to look quite good, maybe it's because of the serum I have been using for the last month.... Btw, I am soooo tired of being on project 14 pan.



  1. Im bored of my project pan too!! I dont think you look goofy in these pictures at all :) I cant wait for the day you do videos if you decide to :) keep up the great blog xx

    1. Thanks girl :) I have been thinking about doing videos, but my camera is not good enough so I will have to get a better one first.


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