Monday, February 27, 2012

Lippie of the week Hard Candy Glossaholic

Colour/Shade: A sheer mauve/pink gloss with flecks of golden/orange glitter. It adds a lovely It adds almost no colour to my lips, but the glitter flecks are amazing.

Application: This has the hugest doe foot applicator I have ever seen. So one swipe across the lips is all you need.

Staying power: This gloss does not stay on the lips very well. But the glitter flecks are really hard to get off.

Scent/smell:  Yummy! a sweet sugary vanilla frosting kind of scent and a sweet taste as well. Really yummy!

Wearability: I think this will suit most skin colours, both pale tones and deep tones. I really like how it looks on me.

I really love this gloss, the feel, the scent, the taste... Everything about this gloss is just yummy!


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