Monday, February 6, 2012

Lippie of the week

I love lip products and I have soo many, but for some reason I don't find myself using my different lippies as much as I used to do. So that is why I decided I would do a "lippie of the week" post. Similar to my palette of the week I will be using a different product each week and giving you a little review of the product and how well it did througout the week. 

My first lippie of the week has been ELF Essential lipstick in the colour "charming".  (4th from the left on the above picture)

Colour/Shade: Charming is a mid tone pinky brown shade. It's quite a natural lip colour for me. It's like a dark version of my own lip colour. It's hard to describe the shade as it's not quite brown, but not pink or red either, it's such a nice shade.  It*s a bit darker in reality than it looks on the picture below. But only slightly darker.

Application: Application was easy, this shade is one of the most creamy ELF essetial lipstick I have. I had no problem applying this every morning. Ofcourse it helps to use a bit of balm to soften up the lips before application or this could end up looking a bit dry.

Staying power: I'm very impressed with the staying power of this lipstick. I put it on in the morning before going to work and it would still be visible at lunch time. It does get a bit drying if you don't touch up on it or use a bit of balm or gloss, but as long as you reapply after a few hours of wear you will be good.

Scent/smell: It does have a scent. i don't feel that it's too overpowering and I actually don't notice the scent when I am wearing this lipstick.  I can't really figure out what it smells like, it has a sweet scent but it also smells a bit like childrens vitamins or something. I do not mind the scent at all.

Wearability: This shade really suits my pale skin and red hair. It does look a bit dark on me but it is the perfect lipstick for me. It is the colour I will turn to if I want something more noticible than a nude lip look but not as strong as a bold red lip look.

I'm glad I chose this lipstick for my lippie of the week. I really enjoyed using it.


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