Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Mouse ears review part 1

My sweet gal Sarah who runs the lovely site called little mouse ears was kind enough to send me some sample goodies for review purpose. I've been wanting to try her stuff out ever since she started talking about it. So I'm super thrilled to get to try some of her products.

Disclaimer: I do not get paid or anything to write this post. This is my own opinion about the products I was given to try.
Vanilla Cherry lip scrub:
I really like this sugary scrub, it's not too harsh and abrasive and feels like it conditions my lips as well as gives it a good scrub. It only has a very very faint scent to it, wich I actually like, sometimes you just don't want your products to smell too overpowering. A sugar srub is never enough for my dry lips, but when used combined with my old toothbrush (only use it for this purpose) it's just super for scrubbing the dead skin off my lips. I believe this retails for 3€

Lip balm with vitamin E, Brain:
Again, very very subtle scent, wich I like. This balm is very very conditioning and I prefer to apply it before bedtime or over lipstick as a gloss as it is a little bit too oily for my taste. I like sticky and waxy textures. I know I'm a bit strange when it comes to lippies because most people would love this texture and prefer it over sticky balms. But not me. However I like how soft it makes my lips so I can live with the texture. It retails for 3€.

Lip balm, Modo:
Modo is a beautiful tinted balm. I don't really own anything with a purple tint and I really really love the colour of this balm. Yet again, very subtle scent. This balm is also a little oily for my liking. But definately a pretty colour. It retail for 3€.

Gloss, Navy collection ,Hettie:
I'm quite liking this gloss. I would have never thought that this colour would suit me but I really like how it looks on me. i do have to take good care of my lips before applying this, as the pigments has a tendancy to stick to the dry skin and making it look uneven, but so does a lot of lip products, a good scrub with the toothbrush and I'm good to go. It retail for 4,50€.

Balm, Vinnie:
This is probably my least favorite, it's quite liquidy and oily. It actually looks like a super pretty gloss when you put it on, I'm just not into the texture. It retail for 3€.

Nail Polish, Gold digger:
Gold digger is a golden shade with sparkles and a few hexagon glitters. It's quite a wearable gold for a pale Dane like me. It's not a yellow type of gold but more a medium shade nude gold. weay wearable for everyday. I like the formula, 2 coats is more than enough to get good coverage and with a good topcoat you will have great looking nails.

To sum this part up, I am really liking the lips scrub and the vitam E balm, she makes some wonderfull shades and I love love love that Modo shade.

stay tuned for the next part of the review.


  1. Thanks for the great review, Can wait for part two.

    1. I'm so glad you like it. I'm working on the second part right now.


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