Monday, February 13, 2012

Little mouse ears review part 2

This is the second part of my review of some samples I was sent by Sarah from little mouse ears.
 This part is all about the eyeshadows and solid perfumes.

Sarah gave me two samples of solid perfume, now I'm not very good at describing scents but I will do my best. The solid perfume retails for €6,50

Ocean Breeze: A scent I would never have thought of trying myself. I think the name just makes me think of a more masculine scent, so I was very pleasantly surprised byt the scent. It's a lovely fesh scent that I would certainly use for everyday wear. my favorite of the two samples.

Jamacian me crazy: This is actually a scent I would have thought about picking up myself, it's fruity and girly and summery, very nice indeed.

Black Sabbath, music life collection (limited edition):
 Is a lovely black shadow with lots of shimmer, the shimmer is so great, sometimes it looks greenish and sometimes it looks silvery. This shadow is quite pigmented, blends well and stays put for a long time. Retails at €5.

Kort, Navy collection:
An amazing pale pruple with some subtle yet stunning shimmer to it. I love to use this as an all over lid shade for smokey purple eyes. This is very blendable and stays put for a long time. Pigmentation is normal to good. This retails for €3,50.

Cream, Music life collection (limited edition):
This shadow is not as finely milled as the rest. It's seems a bit "grainy" to me. But it applies evenly on the lids, but I find this tends to give me fallout. I love the shade and I have always used this type of shade for all over lid colour, and even though it may look like just another creamy shade this is just the shade I am looking for and I don't come across this shade too often so it's not as easy to find just the right cream shade for my skin tone as one might think. This retails for €5

DVD, Mouse Matte collection:
This is such a gorgeus shade, I have never tried a shade like this before. It's a reddish purple, it blends really well and stays put all day, I really need to get the full size of this as soon as my project pan is over. It retails for €3,50

Nate, Navy collection:
Another amazing shade, extremely pigmented and packed with the most lovely sparkle. I'm really pleased with this shade as well. it retails for €3,50

Deep purple, Music life collection (limited edition):
This is my least favorite, it goes on quite sheer and did not apply evenly, maybe because I swatched it with a finger but I did only see a slight improvement when I used a brush. This retails for €5.

 LCD, Mouse Matte collection:
This is just as amazing as the DVD shade I actually like to pair the two together. it's a nice dark smokey purple. I retails for €3,50

Silver chair, music life collection (limited edition):
A sheer shimmery silver, great for highlighting a classic smokey eye. It blends well and lasts well. this is a bit on the sheer side though. Retails for €5

HDMI, Mouse Matte collection:
Such a unique shade, at first I did not like it because I had never tried this colour on my eyes before. but it's really growing on me. What I like about this is that when applied it looks more deep red, when blended it goes a bit more orange wich just gives such a nice effect. This retails for €3,50

I'm really liking the eyeshaddows I got to try from the matte collection, they are by far my favorites. I'm also quite pleased with the shadows from the Navy collection. My least favorite must be the Music life collection. 

Here is a quick look I created using  DVD, LCD and Kort. The camera did not do these shades justice but I'm quite happy with how the picture turned out anyways.

I recommend the matte shades that I have tried, and I'm certainly getting the full sizes  when my project pan is over.




  1. your swatches came out great, I have the same opinion about the music = life it isn't as good as the Matte collection, I had improved when I made the Matte one and the Navy collection is the most recent. Thanks for the great review.

    1. You are more than welcome. I'm so glad you gave me the chance to try out some of your things. Are you going to be making pressed shadows?

  2. Yeah I'll be doing limited edition Seven Deadly Sins Collection Palettes in a few weeks.


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