Friday, February 24, 2012

post flu/cold Beauty tips

Seeing how I am currently trying to kick this influenza in the behind, I thought it would be nice to share my beauty/spa tips for recovering from a cold. This is not going to magically heal you these are just tips that may be nice for getting your skin back to normal and a few things that just feels nice when you are not feeling too good.

1. A nice hot shower/bath:
I like to take a long steamy shower when I am feeling ill, I feel like the steam gives my nose some relief. A nice minty body wash is also great. Then I use a loofah or a body scrub all over to get the blood circulating. I really like the effect this has on me when I am feeling sick.

2. scrubs, scrubs and more scrubs:
I dry out like there is no tomorrow when I am ill so to not look gray, dull and flakey I like to use scrubs.
I use a sugar scrub for the lips, a body scrub all over the body and then I like to use my Lush buche de noel cleanser on my face, it smells yummy it is not too abrasive and it really moisturizes and softens my skin. And the increased blood circulation from all the scrubbing makes me look a little fresher.

3. hydration:
I have a hard time getting enough water when I am sick, mostly because my throat feels sore or water just tastes too bland for me when I am sick. So I like to drink tea with honey, but after I start to feel better I swich to cold drinks like fruit and veggie juice with ice

4. moisture:
The skin on my nose gets dry and patchy from blowing my nose so much. I have actually managed to get rid of that dry skin this time by using The Body Shop Vitam E serum oil. I applied it twice today and the dry skin is gone.

one last tip...

stay away from foundations and powders, if your skin has gotten too dry or flakey then foundation will certainly not be flattering. If you do feel the need to wear foundation then make sure to exfoliate, hydrate and prime your skin the best you can, then apply a small amount of tinted moisturiser instead of foundation.

I hope this has been helpfull to some of you. I would love to hear what you guys do to get back to your old self after a cold/flu.



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