Thursday, February 2, 2012

Products of the month

I actually almost forgot about my products of the month post this month. I have got so much on my mind lately, nothing bad though, just a lot on my mind. I may have talked about some of these products before, but they are my favorites this month. Weather in Denmark is getting colder and my skin is starting to need some extra care so therefore I have picked these products as my favorites this month.

Yves Rocher, cold weather hand balm:
I will have a review up on this shortly, I really really love this balm for my hands at the moment.

Carmex lip balm:
I apply this every night before I got to bed and it just hydrates my lips like crazy so I always have nice soft lips when I wake up. I hate the smell of it so I only use it at night but I love how well it works for me.

Comodynes easy peeling wipes:
I love how well these wipes remove dead skin and dry patches. They are so easy to use and I don't have to deal with washing any scrubbing creme off my face I can just use a little toner and my skin will be good as new.

These are just a few of the products that really have been good for my skin this winter. What are your favorite winter products this year?



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    1. Wow I love how informative your blog is, such a lot of great tips and ideas. Will definately follow.


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