Monday, February 20, 2012

Smashbox Mega palette otw

This week I have been using my dear Smashbox Photo op mega palette. I loved it sooo much, too bad there is only 7 days in a week... But I think I found a way to cheat myself to using it another week without disturbing my palette of the week posts.

On the go: It is a bit troublesome to "juggle" this palette in one hand and makeup brushes in the other. I don't have a makeup station so I have nowhere to put the palette when doing my makeup. Otherwise this is a great palette when you are in a hurry, the layout inspires me so I dont have to think too much about what I want to use. The shadows are super easy to work with so you will have a great eye look in no time.
Evening out: This is perfect for an evening out. You get just enough smokey sexy and sparkly shades to do whatever nighttime look you desire.
Variation: This is probably the most versatile palette I have. Finally a palette with a good amount of mattes and satins, there is a few glittery shades but the glitter is soo finely milled it almost is more of a sparkle. I think I could come up with a look for every day in the month with this palette.

Staying power: They did not crease on me at all, they did fade by the end of the day, but not as much as a lot of my other shadows. And we are talking slightly fading after 7 hours or so. So great staying power.

Work appropriate: definately. You get a nice variety of neutrals and mattes so you can do as many office friendly looks as you can think up.


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