Saturday, February 18, 2012

Smashbox Photo op mega palette

This is probably the palette that I have been the most psyched about getting. And when I finally got it and opened it I just started jumpng up and down with joy. Maan it was like christmas eve. And almost two weeks later I am still as giddy as a school girl to have this palette.

Price: I had a contact from the US to send it to me, I payed 100$ for the palette and shipping. So this is by far my most expensive palette to date.

Packaging: The palette is a glossy red beauty. It folds neatly together to save room. It feels sturdy enough to travel with. I really like the look of the palette and how portable it is, but it can be troublesome to use it if you don't have a makeup station to put it on when you are applying makeup. But overall I really like the packaging.

In this palette you get 56 full size eyeshadows 8 cream liners, 4 brow powders, 1 brow wax, 2 giant blushes, 3 highlighters and 4 lip glosses.

I am so amazed with the quality of these shadows. I have never experienced shadows this finely milled. They are so soft, smooth and super blendable. These are definately pigmented as well. I only wish that the lighter shades were a little more pigmented, they are too close to my natural skin colour so they are not very noticable, they are not badly pigmented at all, they just do not show up too well on me. But definately amazing quality.

The liners are great as well. Very soft, creamy and easy to work with. Only the purple shade has seemed to dry up a bit in my palette.

The blushes are amazing. They are super pigmented, so because my skin is very light I really have to be carefull when applying.

The highlight powders are amazing as well, they leave such a nice dewey shine, not glittery or overly shimmery but gives a soft focus glow, just the way I like it.

I am also really liking the brow powders, I have not used the wax yet, but the powders are great.

I love the shades of the lip glosses but I honestly could have done without them. I am just not that fond of lip glosses in palettes.

Get ready for some swatches: 

The swatches does not do the eyeshadows justice, These are the nicest eyeshadows I have ever owned. All the products in the palette are super long wearing. I am very happy with the staying power of the shadows. They have not creased on me at all, they do fade, but that's after 7-8 hours of wear, so that is more than resonable.

I am very pleased with this palette, and I certainly want to try out more smashbox products.



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