Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yves Rocher Cold weather hand balm

This product was a "free with purchase" deal that I took advantage of last month.

I've never really been that into hand lotion and such, I only use hand lotions when my hands are unbearbly dry, and I wanted to get better at taking care of my hands so I started moisturising my hands.I have been on the hunt for a good hand lotion ever since.

Price: 39,50 DKK here or 6,95£ here

Packaging: 50 ml tub made of plastic. There is nothing special to say about the packaging, but it's great for throwing in you bag og sitting on your desk. There are no complaints about the packaging.

I am absolutely in love with this balm. It makes my hands feel so incredibly soft. It does not leave any residue on my hands and it does not make my hands feel oily at all.

It's a very thick and soft balm with a lovely scent. I can't really describe the scent but it's not fruity and it's not synthetic or overpowering in any way. It's a light floral/clean scent with a hint of warmth or sweetnesss to it. (I am really bad at describing scents) I find the scent really really pleasant.

This is also a great balm for the feet. I use this every day now for both hands and feet and I really really love this balm.

Only negative I can think of is that I use this stuf up way too fast, so I wish it came in bigger tubs lol. 

I will certainly be repurchasing this balm.


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