Thursday, March 15, 2012

14 pan update.

I have not bought ANY makeup this year!!! yeah ok I know it's only march, but still... I am really starting to get a little crazy... Loevens needs her some new hauls! Oh well. I guess I should be proud for holding on this long. and it seems I may have to hold on a little longer.

I'm going shopping with a good friend of mine, this saturday and I am soo scared that I will ruin this whole project pan and just go crazy.. But I'm trying too keep it together, lol.

YAY I finally used up some more stuff.

ELF complete coverage concealer:
This has been the only concealer I have used since I started this project pan. I actually think it lasted quite well and I had no problems with this concealer. It's affordable and it did not look cakey on me at all. I would certainoly recommend and/or repurchase this. But to be honest, I probably won't repurchase this as I already have my holy grail concealer.

ELF mineral lipstick nicely nude:
I have been using this constantly to the point where I was just sick of it. I did like the colour but it did not apply as evenly as I would have liked, it looked a bit patchy on my lips sometimes. I have to be honest. This lippie actually broke on me when there was about 1/3 left. but I have been using alip brush trying to scoop the last bit of it out. I am not going to repurchase this, as I think this particular shade is too waxy/patchy and not as creamy as the other lippies.

ELF duo eyeshadow creme:
I know it's not completely used up, there is still a bit of product left on the sides. I hate this product! it creases like there is no tomorrow and it did not work for me at all. Such a shame because the colour is really lovely. Never buying this again.

Yay that's 13 down 1 to go.


  1. Cool makeup... I love the purple on your blog! I'm so following you, Can you follow me!

    1. Thanks... followed you right back :)

  2. aww I love these types of posts hun x

    1. thanks. My projects pan is almost done. But I am planning on doing something similar.


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