Thursday, March 15, 2012


I've been looking at some photos from a year or so ago... Back when I used to dye my hair black. I remember how I had to dye it all the time to keep it looking good (I am naturally blonde so the roots where really hard to keep up with)

I'm kinda missing the black hair, quite a lot actually. I think it felt more like me... The red hair thing happened by accident and now I am just kinda stuck between, wanting my natural hair colour to grow back or dying it black again... I just cant decide...

I'm having a hard time finding lippies that suits my "new" hair colour, all the shades I used to love now looks stupid on me.

What do you guys think?



  1. I think blond or brunette would suit you better! ^-^

    1. Thanks for the advice :) I'm a natural blonde so blonde would be the easiest when it comes to upkeep. :)

  2. i think blonde would look gorgeous on you :) xxx

    1. Thanks Dyna :) I do miss the blonde hair...


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