Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eco tools Bamboo 5 piece brush set review.

I've had this brush set for a while now and finally feel like I can do a proper review of these brushes.

Price:About 10$

Packaging: Brushes comes with a little hemp bag, however I feel the bag is too smal to fit all the brushes.
The set includes mineral powder brush, a mini kabuki, a concealer brush and an eye shading brush. They are super soft, they don't shed and they feel good in my hand. Here is what I think about each individual brush:

Mini Kabuki: I don't really use Kabuki's so I have not been reaching for this. It's not a bad brush at all I just have other types of brushes that I prefer to use. Maybe I would use this for bronzer, but the bronzer I have right now is quite dark and needs to be applied with a stippling brush to not look too overdone.

Concealer brush: Very nice brush, I use this every day. I don't know how I ever managed without a concealer brush.

Eye shading brush: this brush is quite large, so I use it as a blending brush, and I absolutely love it for that purpose! This is by far the best blending brush I have ever tried. 

Powder brush: I have not been using this very much. I feel like it's not dense enough for a powder brush ( I prefer elf's flat top brush) It is nice for a natural blush application however it is a bit big for my face. So not a bad brush at all, I just don't really know what to use it for.
I really like these brushes. Some more than others, and I would definately consider buying some individual brushes from Ecotools. I am very impressed with the quality of these brushes and how affordable these are.

I will certainly recommend these brushes, if you know what typeof brush you are looking for to do a specific job, you won't be disappointed to try Ecotools out.



  1. Unfortunately I have the exact same set as you (did you buy it off eBay?) and I have an uncanny feeling that this set of brushes we own are fake. I recognise the hemp bag and the extra dark EcoTools logo on the eye shading brush as the same as mine. The EcoTools label on the hemp bag is attached to a different place and is in a different font and the EcoTools logo that is meant to be burnt onto the bamboo does not look the same as it does on my other EcoTools brushes which I had bought at a pharmacy. Furthermore, some of my brush handles have an odd varnish to them, but the original EcoTools are a smooth finish with no shiny surface.

    A picture of an authentic set:

    Nonetheless, I think the brushes are very soft even if they are not the real thing!

    1. Oh my. I had no idea. I bought them on ebay from a heller that promised me they were authentic. Thank you so. Much for letting me know.


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