Monday, March 19, 2012

ELF liquid lipstick, pink lemonade lippie otw

I've been neglecting my luscious liquid lipstick for far too long, so I decided to do something about it.

I decided to go for a brighter colour than I usually would wear, afterall it is spring. To my surprise I found that these bright shades actually suit my red hair... Yay finally I found the lippies to suit my hair.

Colour/Shade: A medium bright pink with lost of golden sheen.

Application: it applies easily with the smart twist up/ sponge applicator

Staying power: Not that great, but hey it's a gloss and it has average gloss staying power,

Scent/smell: minty vanilla'ish scent. I really like it.

Wearability: This shade is super nice for sping. I could see this shade work for a lot of different skin tones.

All in all I am loving this Gloss/liquid lipstick. It's super affordable and it feels and looks good on my lips.I like the applicator. Great product.


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