Sunday, March 25, 2012

Face of the day

I decided to not wear any makeup today. I thought my face needed a little break. Also I think it's extremely important to go bare faced every now and then. Some girls feel uncomfortable with not wearing any makeup and I go bare faced every now and then to not end up depending on my makeup to make me feel good about myself. Afterall it would be sad to hate how I look when I am 100% my natural self.

 Sometimes I actually prefer a bare face to a face full of makeup. No matter how much I love putting on makeup, it feels great to look at myself bare faced and not see a strangers face but my own face and actually like what I see.

I'm not trying to sound like I am some self absorbed girl who can't get enough of herself, that's not me at all. I have flaws and I am no where near as pretty as most of the beauty bloggers out there I just think it is important for every woman to love herself with and without makeup, flaws and all.


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