Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garnier BB cream

Look what my mom gave me! I have the nicest mom ever, she knew that I wanted to try this BB cream out but couldn't buy it because of my project 14 pan. So she gave me this.

It's a little too dark for my complexion right now, but for summer this will be perfect.

It's super easy to blend on the skin, it doesn't look like you are wearing foundation and it feels moisturizing as well.

It's quite sheer but it does a nice job a evening out skin tone and making my skin look a lot smoother and healthier. It does not cover my freckles or anything but I love it for it's natural look.

I will be giving a full review of this once I get to try it out some more.




  1. did the garnier bb creams recently get new packaging? I think I have the same product but the bottle/tube is much different...

  2. I don't know... This has only recently been made available in Denmark and as faras I know the packaging has not changed since it came to Denmark, so maybe they changed the packaging before it launched in Denmark.. But I'm not sure.


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