Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LA colors unforgattable palette otw

As some of you know, I really love LA Colors eyeshadow. So I was very happy to use this 5 color palette called unforgettable this week.

On the go: I have had a very busy week, lucky for me these shadows were a dream to apply, they blend soo well and the palette was so handy and easy to carry in my purse if needed.
Evening out: Not my choice of palette for evening makeup. There is nothing wrong with the quality or staying power but I feel like I would need a deeper shade to darken the look.

Variation: you get 5 eyeshadows... in a somewhat neutral/bronze family of shades. So ofcourse variation is limited. However I enjoyed using this palette so much that it did not bother me at all. The colours go well together and the  white is a nice highlight shade.

Staying power: Nothing to complain about here. It lasted all day without creasing and only slightly fading.

work appropriate: Very appropriate, it's a neutral palette without glitter or too much shimmer. Lovely.
I LOVE these eyeshadows.

They may not seem like they would be the best quality shadow, when you first look at them or even swatch them. But they really look good on my eyes, not matte nor shimmery, the perfect satiny finsh for a soft focus look. I am very very pleased with LA Color eyeshadow. I NEED more of these!


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