Friday, March 9, 2012

Nutriganics drops of youth review

I have been using this for a few months now to really give it a try before writing my review. I was very excited to try this products out as this was my first time using a consentrate like this.

Price: 275DKK or 30$

Packaging: a green glass bottle with a glass dropper. I like the look of the glass bottle, it looks like it will be good for you, I am not too crazy about the dropper, I feel like I may have a hard time getting the last bit of product out of the bottle with the dropper. The dropper does give you the perfect amount of product needed for one application. All in all the packaging is not bad.

What it is: Drops of youth is a serum/concentrate in a light gel form. It is supposed to be applied on a clean face before your moisturizer.

What it promises: Softer, hydrated and overall healthier looking skin.

I must admit that my expectations of this product may have been a little too high to begin with. I am not quite sure what I expected but I think I expected a miracle product (I know.. silly me).

I have enjoyed using this very much, it feels nice on the skin and it really does add a little extra hydration. My skin does feel softer and more hydrated than before I started using this, and I certainly think that this products helped me get through the winther months without as much dry and patchy skin than usual.

As far as visible results go, this has not really improved my skin that much. No change in fine lines, pigmentation, red spots or anything. But I don't really have any wrinkles and almost no fine lines so I can't really say if it would improve fine lines or wrinkles on others.

One thing I did notice was that I had no problems with enlarged pores while using this, it seems to kinda balance my skin out a bit wich is great.

So although I have not seen major results with this product I will continue to use it, it is afterall better to prevent premature aging than trying to turn back the clock. And it certainly is a nice and nourishing serum. Compared to other serums out there the price is actually really resonable and it contains no parabens or hormone disrupting ingredients so that is a big plus.

Have any of you tried it? what do you think of it? would you give this a try?




  1. $30??? Wow that is cheap! It is $59.90 in australia o.O

  2. In Denmark it is about 46-47 dollars but in the US it was 30 dollars the last time I checked.

  3. Hi Loevens, I bought this in Singapore for $56.00 2 weeks ago and have been using it for about a week now. I use 3 drops at night before putting on moisturizer. My usually oily face has become less oily. I used to have to wash my face often because it was too oily but I don't now. I am 44 yrs old with the usual skin degradation but not much wrinkles. After using this for a week, I notice that it has become smoother, and fairer (if that is even possible!!!!). I would recommend this to people in their early 20's whose skin is about to be abused with much cosmetics and the harsh exposure to the carbon-monoxide filled environment. If only it was cheaper, though ......

    1. I normally use one or two drops. I have actually used mine up and I need to get a new one. Maybe I could put it on my wish list for christmas. I really grew fond of this product. It really does balance out the skin nicely. You say you used to wash your face a lot because it was oily, I myself have quite oily skin and I learned that washing your face too often with harsh products will strip your face of it's natural oils wich will only lead to more oil production and therefore even more oily skin. So try not to wash your face with foamy cleansers too often. 1 time a day will be fine, no more than 2 times a day. And use a creamy cleanser instead of a foamy soap wash. Thanks for taking the time to write me :)

  4. Hi Loevens, i've been use this product for 3weeks and i do feel that this serum is good, bcos previously i used wrong cosmetics product which is apparently contains mercury for ab 1,5yrs. After i knew it then i stopped it and got many pimples, oily faces and big pores, since i used this product, my skin improved and though the pimples still comes a bit, but its easily dry and the spot reduce quickly..
    But then i read in some review and its also stated in the ingredients, that its contain alcohol, fragrance and preservative, which are not good for the skin and will give bad impact to skin. Its quite confusing since its saying only contain nature ingredients but its also contain alcohol etc. Do you have any thoughts on this? thanks..


    1. Hello Cindy.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write me.
      I have never really thought about it. I can see from the ingredients list that it does contain something called alcohol denat. But I also believe The body shop when they say that their product is 99% natural and 25% organic so it can't really be that big a part of the whole product.

      In my opinion this is still a great product and it works very well for me. Yes alcohol can be drying on the skin, but this serum has not made my skin dryer. Personally I don't care if it contains fragrance, I am not intolerant to it so I don't mind. I know that exposure to perfume and fragrance can cause allergies in some people but so does so many other things.

      I guess it's really a personal opinion, if you are against products containing fragrance and alcohol then I would tell you to try something else. But if the product is working for you I see no reason for you to stop using it.

      Now I am not a scientist so I cannot really say what effects alcohol and such will have in the long run but if you take a look at so many other skin care products and brands, you will find that a lot of them contain even worse ingredients so it's really up to you to pick whatever you feel comfortable using.

      I hope this helps :)


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