Sunday, April 29, 2012

Amuse Classic Jersey Palette otw fail!

Ok... so I was supposed to use this Amuse Jersey, Classic Jersey palette for the entire week to let you guys know how well it performed in different situations. BUT... I could only get myself to use it for two days before I had to run run run to my nearest high end palette and give it a big hug screaming "Don't you ever leave me!"

This palette was a complete fail for me. Here is why.

I did have a feeling that this could either be super nice or super wrong for me when I initially swatched it. The swatches turned out really nice, just a little "gritty" but nicely pigmented. 

 Application was a mess, fallout all over the place. Wich I could have avoided, I know, but the products seemed so creamy, so I did not even think about it.

The shadows went on a little too shimmery for my taste, and I don't mind shimmer, and it's not like they are super glittery or even sparkly. But the texture seemed a little gritty/grainy therefor the shimmer seemed more obvious.

It did not blend that well and I felt like a streaky disco ball sitting at my desk at work, hoping nobody would notice LOL.

The colours are nice and true and the pigmentation is good. But I just can't stand the texture, and these did fade and crease on me a little too fast for my liking.

I am not saying that these are terrible shadows, they just did not appeal to me, and I will not be repurchasing these.

Starting tomorrow I will be trying out another Amuse palette for the week. I am already a little scared about how well that will go. Fingers crossed.


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