Thursday, April 5, 2012

Amuse long lasting lip gloss review

I bought this off cherryculture last year before my project pan. I just wanted to see what the Amuse brand had to offer.

This is the long lasting lip gloss in "nude".

Price:  $1,49 on cherryculture.

Packaging: You get a nice doe foot applicator and the lip gloss wand seems quite sturdy, so no problems when it comes to quality here. But it just looks sooo odd. The design of this gloss is just really really odd looking. I can't seem to really describe the shape of this tube, but I think amuse was trying to be artistic. I don't like the look of the packaging. It's like flat in the sides and round in the middle.

Scent: It smells just like a popsicle called twister. Some may not like the scent but I really like it.

Colour: I thought this was going to be nude. But it's more like a strawberry milkshake shade. It's almost matte looking and contains no glitter or shimmer.  I think this colour is goergeous.

This gloss feels different on the lips from any other gloss I have ever tried. It's really hard to describe it.
It kinda feels like I am not wearing any gloss, but on the other hand I can feel something on my lips....I keep trying to reapply only to find out I don't need to. This gloss wears really well. It's probably one of the most long wearing glosses I have.

I seriously think people should try this gloss out, if nothing else then just for the texture of it. I'm certain I can't be the only one out there who thinks this is a strange little wonderful gloss. So I have to say that I really really like this gloss and I would recommend it, but at the same time I'm sure this is not for everyones liking,


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