Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coastal Scents Pressed powder foundation!

Coastal Scents have just launched these pressed powder foundations retailing for only $4,95!

I have no idea if they are any good but I am curious to find out. I have not bought anything from coastal scents for a while now because I think their international shipping can be quite pricey. But I now have a few items I would like to try, so maybe I should do a mini haul.

Will you guys be trying this?



  1. Uhhhhmmm I'll try it if your review says it's good! But honestly coastal scents products have always been a letdown for me:( but if it works out for you great!

    1. I will be ordering soon and then I will let you all know what I think. I have to admit I am not expecting a lot... But ofcourse I am hoping it will be good. But yeah coastal Scents can be quite hit or miss. I do think their micas and pigments are nice and the metal mania palette I liked as well, but other than that I am not sure...


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