Monday, April 16, 2012

Dupe alert! Revlon VS MAC

So.. I have been using Revlon lip butters and MAC Sheen supreme lipstick for a bit now and they are both some of my favorite lippies at the moment.

I have to say that I find the two lippies to be quite similar...

Scent: They both smell the same, but the scent of the lip butters is not as strong than the MAC lippie.

Quality: These feel exactly the same on my lips. If it was not for the packaging and the difference in shades I would not know wich was wich.

Both MAC and Revlon have some beautiful shades and I don't know if any of the shades are complarable to eachother but the quality, staying power, scent and feel of these are sooo much alike.

I can get 2½ Revlon lip butters for one MAC sheen supreme's price, so I know wich one I prefer. I do still love both of the products and will most likely buy more shades of each product.

 Have you guys tried both lippies? what do you think?



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