Friday, April 27, 2012

Favorite affordable neutral eyeshadows

This was a request from KlayerD, she wanted to see a post on the best neutral eyeshadows under £$10. So I have been going through my collection to make sure I include every singlefavorite eyeshadow I own.

Wet N Wild: (I paid $10)The eyeshadow is really affordable yet pigmented and quite easy to work with. I would suggest the Color icon palette called "comfor zone"  I can also recommend the trios called "knock on wood" nd "silent treatment"

NYX: (Costs around $8) The 10 color eyeshadow palette in " champagne & caviar) is a great palette with some nice cool toned neutrals. You get a  good selection of mattes and satins and the quality is quite good.

LA Colors: (around $5) I love the LA colors Eye design palettes and even though this palette is not all neutrals you do get 10 neutral shades 5 greens and some greys, a white and a black. I love the finish of these shadows and they stay on quite well. great quality.

Are you guys interested in seeing my favorite high end neutrals as well?


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