Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jordana Easyshine updated review

I previously bought the cotton candy and fresh melon lippies and I had to go back for more. So I thought I would try raspberry and grape-tini. This will just be an updated review with the addition of the 2 new shades I got.
These all have different scents to them, the scents coordinate well with their names. 

Price: 1,99$ from here
I love the smell of these, cotton candy smells sugary and sweet, and fresh melon has a kind of candy melon smell to it. Raspberry smells like candy raspberry and grape-tini smells a bit like grape Kool aid.
Cotton candy and Fresh melon give your lips just a hint of colour and a nice glossy shine. Fresh melon has a pearly finish and cotton candy has a juicy glossy finish.
Grape-tini is a sheer to medium plum shade with a hint of golden sheen to it. It seems less glossy than the others and looks a bit more drying, but it feels great on the lips and the scent is amazing.
Raspberry packs quite apunch, such nice saturated bright colour. It is a lovely bright pink without shimmer. It smells like a raspberry sunfresh drink.
I have a hard time figuring out what I should describe them as, they are not moisturising enough to be balms, too sheer to be lipsticks so I guess they are glossy lip tints in stick format lol. These are not the most long lasting "glossy lip tints" in fact it feels like they wear off pretty fast, but they do leave some colour behind even when you can't feel them on the lips anymore. Oh and they taste sweet.


 Cotton candy:
 Fresh melon:

These are not very long lasting but I don't mind. I love how they look on my lips, how they smell, feel and taste and for the price of only 2 dollars I am certainly going to get some more colours.

Although they will never be my holy grail of lip products I enjoy using these a lot.


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