Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jordana Lip out loud gloss review

I purchased this gloss in my recent Cherry Culture haul. I wanted to try out some more purple and hot pink lippies and this looked like it would suit my new found craving for bright spring lips.

I got the shade called VIP it's a sheer magenta with blue sparkle.

Price: $1,99 from Cherry Culture.

Packaging: The packaging actually looks quite nice for such an affordable product. It has quite a long doe foot applicator wich may or may not make application easier for you. I had to get used to it. I am certain that the lettering on the packaging will wear off evetually but I have had no malfunctions with the packaging itself.

Scent: It has a fruity scent to it, reminds me of melons. The scent does wear off and it is not too overpowering for me.

This gloss is a little sticky, not too much though. I do like stickier glosses and I havetried way more stickier glosses than this. But keep in mind that it is slightly sticky, if that's not your thing then you may not like it.

It does feel really nice and moisturising on my lips, wich is always a plus for me.

It does not last that long but I don't mind reapplying it.

I feel like I would probably use this up quite fast, not only because I like it, but because there does not seem to be that much product in the tube. But for the price of this gloss I can live with it being used up quite fast.

This is overall a nice gloss, I like the blue sparkle and I like the texture of it and I will certainly try another shade of this gloss next time I do a haul from Cherry Culture.




  1. nice review! This really caught my eye because it looks like an exact dupe for a lip glass I got from MAC. Its a discontinued color called Aleydis. This seems to be a really great dupe and even the texture sounds similar!

    1. I have never tried a lip glass from MAC before so I can't compare textures. But I did have a little google search on the shade you mention, and they do look similar when swatched. I think the MAC one looks darker in the tube though. But for $1,99 I say it's woth a shot.

      If you decide to try it, then let me know how it works for you :)


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