Friday, April 27, 2012

LA Colors Glossy lips lipgloss

I bought this in my rescent Cherry Culture haul. Along with some other purple lippies. I have really been liking the LA Colors eyeshadow palettes so I wanted to see what else the brand had to offer.

Price: $2 at

Packaging: Nice simple squeeze tube with brush applicator. the brush applicator does seem a little flimsy. You get 15 ml. of product.

I have to say I don't like this gloss one bit. The colour is lovely the "green apple" scent is nice but the texture is awfull. It does feel moisturizing and good on the lips BUT... It is sooo tacky that every time I close and open my mouth STRINGS of gloss becomes visible...  In order for the gloss not to do that you will have to only apply a tiny tiny bit, but then the shine and colour won't show up..

Looks more purple and blue toned irl.
I really really wanted to like this gloss. But it is probably one of the worst glosses I have ever tried. All because it goes all stringy and icky on me.

I will not be trying out more of these glosses... Have any of you guys tried them? did I just get a bad one or are they all like this?


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