Sunday, April 22, 2012

LA Colors Star Gaze palette otw

If you have been reading my blog, you will probably know that I am looooving the LA colors "eye design" palettes. I have previously written about my other LA colors star gaze palette called "makeout" and decided to try this palette. It is called "admire"
Price: 4$ or about 24 DKK on Cherry Culture. I must have gotten my other one on sale because I only payed 3,50 for that.
Packaging: Actually looks OK for the price. It's easy to open and close the palette, wich is not the case with all cheap palettes. There is nothing outstanding about the packagin but I did not expect amazing packaging for 4$.
My two scents: For some reason I am not loving this as much as I love the Eye design palettes. I think these are a little softer and a little more powdery. These shadows are not bad at all, I do enjoy them, however I feel like the stargaze palettes are not as great as the Eye Design palettes. The colour selection seems a little random and this palette just does not have everything I need for a complete eye look. I do like to combine them with other shadows though

On the go: I found these a little harder to blend than my other LA Colors palettes. I had a bit of  a hard time coming up with looks for this palette. I am lacking a good all over lid shade to complete the look. 

Evening out: Works better for night time looks for me. You can defiantely create some pretty purple eyes, and the 2nd colour on top is such a cute iridescent highlighter.

Variation: You do get a lot of different purlpes but I just don't feel inspired by the layout of this palette. You only get one somewhat matte shade, the rest is satin finish. I had a hard time coming up with looks.

  Swatched without a base or a primer!
Staying power: I can't complain about staying power, these last me a good 8-10 hours. They do fade a bit during the day but they don't crease on me.

Work appropriate: Probably one of my less, work appropriate palettes. I did manage to use it every day without looking like a rainbow but I would have liked a neutral all over lid shade to complement the purples.

Would I recommend this palette? Well it depends on what you are looking for. But in my opinion you would be better off trying the Eye Design palettes instead 


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