Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NYC Extreme lip glider review

I have been wanting to try some products from NYC so when I stumbled upon this gloss on Ebay I simply just had to try it. I have been loving purple lip products lately so I decided to try the shade called  "wild orchid"

Price: Around $5 with shipping to Denmark on Ebay.

Packaging: Long slim tube with a slanted plasric applicator. Cute flower details on the tube makes this look girly yet stylish. You get 8,7 ml of product.

Scent: I wanna say melon... It smells just like my LA Girl triple enhancing gloss. I like it!

Colour: Sheer gloss with a purple tint.

This gloss is super super glossy, wich I really like. Sometimes I just want super shiny glossy lips and this certainly delivers an almost glass like effect.

I love the feel of this gloss, it is a bit thick, wich I like. It's not too sticky but has just the right thickness to make it stay on longer. I don't know if it's the shine or the thickness but something about his gloss makes my lips look fuller and more plump.

This gloss is extremely moisturizing on my lips... I love it.

I certainly recommend this gloss to anyone who likes thick and super glossy glosses.


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