Sunday, April 8, 2012

NYX Mega shine lipgloss review

I have had this lipgloss for quite a while now, but I have only recently come to love this gloss. The shade I got is called "Baby rose".

These glosses comes in a wide range of shades and finishes, sheer, jelly, pearly and opaque.

I have also reviewed the shade "natural" (click picture for review)

Price: $3,99 for cherry culture

Packaging: Square plastic container, i'ts a little on the bigger side than most lip glosses. I love the little black bow decoration on the top og the tube. The applicator is quite nice as well. i'ts a slanted doe foot applicator, I find it  very helpfull when applying the gloss. You get 11 ml or 0.37 oz wich is quite a good amount of product.

I simply adore the scent of these glosses, they smell like cherry coke. They are not as sticky as I like a gloss to be, but if you prefer a non-sticky gloss then this would be a great gloss for you.

This gloss is quite sheer it adds a tiny bit of pearly sparkle to my lips but no colour at all. At first I did not like this gloss because I was hoping for something with more pigmentation, but I do like this gloss now. It's a nice gloss if you want the shine without the colour.

I still prefer a stickier gloss but these NYX glosses are certainly worth a try. They are super affordable and the quality is great as well. I recommend these glosses if you like cherry coke scented glosses that aren't sticky.

I probably won't repurchase this shade as it is just too sheer and boring for me, I will certainly try some more shades out though.



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