Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shimmer Strips Nude Eyes Palette OTW/Review

I have had my eyes on this little Shimmer Strips palette from Physicians Formular for quite a while. Finally I found it on Ebay for a somewhat resonable price. I have to admit it was the super cute packaging that first caught my attention. Some people even said that this was a dupe for UD Naked 2 palette so I had to see what the fuss was about.

Pigmentation is not great, especially on the lighter shades so you can't just swipe your fingers across the shadows, you have to find just the right makeup tool that will pack on the shadow for you. I never use sponge tips, but with this shadow I really need to.

Price: I payed $13 with shipping. I know it's probably a little pricy but it was the cheapest I could do, and I really wanted it.

Packaging: Super cute packaging. It's covered in black lace. Just super girly and pretty. It has a magnetic closure, wich I find to be a bit flimsy. It is not the most sturdy packaging in the world, but I guess that is the price to pay for such a cute little lace palette.

On the go: The layout of the shadows makes it easy to quickly think up a combination you want to use. These shadows are a little hard to work with, they do blend nicely and they look good on the lids but the problem is getting the shadow from the pan to the eye. This is due to the strange formula of the shadows that makes them a bit hard to apply with your fingers or soft brushes, I need to use them wet or use sponge tips for enough shadow to show up. So it takes a little extra time.

Evening out: If you are willing to take that extra time, then you will end up with a gorgeous eye look that can certainly work for night time if you deepen the look with the dark shades. 

Variation: I like the variation of warm and cold shades in this palette. There is no matte shades in this palette but it's called shimmer strips for a reason I guess. Lol. All in all OK variation.

Staying power:  I did not expect this to stay on as well as it does. With a bit of primer these shadows eaily last me throughout my day at work.

Work appropriate:Certainly, they are not overly glittery but has a nice shimmer that is not too overpowering. The shades ofcourse are neutral and you can do both dark bold looks or nude light looks.

Swatched with Q-tip, turned out almost too good compared to how they swatch using a finger.
I am dissapointed that the shadows are not as pigmented as I hoped and that they are a bit hard to apply. I really wanted to absolutely love this palette. I don't think it is a bad palette, I think the shades and the colour combination is absolutely lovely and when you finally get enough shadow packed onto the eye, the look of the shadow is really nice.

So this palette was not a complete miss for me, I still like it and I will still use as the end results are quite nice, it justtakes a little longer to get there. I don't know if I would recommend it, I will let you guys be the judges of wether or not the lack of pigmentation and extra hard work is a dealbreaker for you.


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