Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Body Shop Extra virgin minerals powder foundation

Last summer I raved about the Extra virgin minerals cream compact foundation. I loved it to bits and I have been meaning to repurchase ever since I ran out. But seeing as my skin tends to get more oily this time of year, I thought it would be wiser of me to try the powder foundation version.

Price: $25 here or DKK 235 here so about $14 more expensive in Denmark.

Packaging: Your average little powder jar with at matte black lid. The sifter is different than what I am used to, and I actually prefer this kind of sifter. You get 5 grams of product.

The foundation is quite sheer, but can be built up a tiny bit for a sheer to medium coverage. I do like the finish it gives my skin. It is not matte yet there is no shimmer. It makes my skin look so natural and gives it a very natural glow.

Unfortunately the natural beautiful effect wears off quite well. The product seems to sit on top of the skin instead of really blending in to the skin properly. Wich means that when I start to produce a bit of oil the product will seperate and make my pores look big and obvious.

So as much as I love the look of it when first applied, I hate the lcakey seperated look I get after just 3-4 hours. I did expect more from a Body Shop product and certainly with this kind of price tag.

Now I am left with a lot of powder that I somehow need to use up, even though I don't feel like using it ever again. I am just too cheap to throw this out.

It is rare for a Body Shop product to dissapoint me.

Would I recommend this? I guess it depends on what type of skin you have, if you like me tend to get a little oily and would like more coverage then I would not recommend this.



  1. Have you tried using anything like Benefit's Porefessional to help prevent the pore problem? I've found it good at preventing my foundation doing the old oil slide :-)

    1. Thanks for the tip Bonny. I will try and see if it helps with a good primer :)


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